- Construction of civil and industrial works; construction of lighting system, traffic signal lights; dredging of rivers, channels; construction of irrigational works, water supply works; construction of industrial waste water processing area, wharf, embankment, flow-regulation dike, irrigational pump station, drainage and sewerage pump station.
- Manufacture of precast concretes; manufacutre of concrete products and prestressed concrete products; manufacture and trading of emulsions, asphalt concretes, sidewalk-bricks.
- Trading of fuel and oil; transportation of public passengers.
- Manufacture, processing and trading of materials, equipmentsfor specialities: drainage, water supply, environmental sanitation; manufacture of water supply pipes, liquid and gas pipes and accessories (glass-fiber reinforced concrete pipes, concrete pipes, steel pipes); repair of mechanics.
- Investment and construction of infrastructure.
- Construction and repair of traffic works.
- Levelling of space.
- Installation of medium, low voltage network and transformer station up to 35kV; installation of data transfer cables.
- Experiment, supply of technical norms of soils, rocks, materials.
- Design of constructing traffic works (bridges, roads), inspection of constructing traffic works, survey of geology to construct works; design of constructing civil and industrial works, inspection of constructing civil and industrial works, survey of terrain to construct works; design of structure of bridge and road works urban and infrastructure works; design of drainage and water supply, water environment; Verification of projects, general budgets, management of projects, consultancy, checking and taking over of works; planning of investment construction projects, budgets of civil, industrial, traffic, irrigational, lighting, water supply, drainage, verdure works (groups A, B, C); bidding consultancy of designs, construction; measurement and drawing of work status.
- Design of graphics.
- Leasing of equipments, machineries, constructing means.
- Exploitation of soil, rock, sand, gravel, clay (no exploitation at head office).
- Domestic and international travel service (for international travel, the Company is only allowed to start its operation when it is granted a license by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism).
- Trading of houses; leasing of offices and apartments.
Other Information
Pipe jacking is a new technology in Vietnam. Even though its construction cost is higher than the traditional excavation method, this advanced technology offers much higher social efficiency in terms of traffic jam prevention, environmental protection, and absolutely high quality and safety.
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