CPW JSC and employees
CPW JSC and employees

The Employees Congress is the best way for the laborers to take part in management. Every year, the company’s trade-union makes plans for organization of Employees Congress under the leadership of the Communist Party in order to define the core content for each year and guide the employees in main matters as follows:

·         To construct the direction of manufacture and trading for each year;

·         To construct the activity regulation’s contents of company and the direction of distributing salary, bonus, social welfare, the policy of laborer, recruitment, training;

·         To construct collective labor agreement, addition every year, the regulations have been added more and more in order to suit the company’s economic ability; 

·         To analyze and assess the result of manufacture and trading, the management of finance and property , to discover mistakes in management and repair them next time;

·         Every year, CPW JSC organizes tours for employees in Vung Tau, Dalat, Nha Trang, Mui Ne,…;

·         The employees are rewarded in Tet and holidays. The bonus is higher than the collective labor agreement’s one with every passing day;

·         To organize movements of culture, arts, sport and look after the employees’ lives;

·         To look after retired employees that live in poverty, to visit and give them presents in the end-of-year meeting;

·         To organize the periodic medical for employees, to look after the employees’ children on 1st June, Mid-autumn festival, to give them presents, to check and reward good pupils, the children that have excellent achievement are organized to visit Suoi Tien, Thanh Da summer camp,…


CPW JSC and community activities


To look after heroic Vietnamese mothers, to construct affection and gratitude houses, to take part in other charitable activities as: support of funds for poor people, blood donation, support of Truong Sa soldiers,…

Picture of  the closing ceremony of 2011
Picture of employees in sport activity (organized by trade-union)
Picture of retired employees in the closing ceremony of 2011
Picture of employees in competition “Follow Uncle Ho’s word”
Picture of “Employees with family’s day” in Vung Tau

Picture of director’s report in the closing ceremony of 2012

Picture of Employess Congress 2012
Picture of Women’s day meeting
Picture of giving a prize in the closing day of 2012
Pictureceremonyin 2012
Picture of giving gratitude house in Ben Tre
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