Installation of water supply pipeline:
   + Installation of D600-D1500 pre-stressed concrete pipes
   + Installation of D1500-D2400 pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipes
   + Installation of cast iron, HDPE and steel pipes,... Design os water supply works

Installation of pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe, pure water supply system from Kinh Dong water resource project

Installation of HDPE pipe, water supply system for Duyen Hai Electric Center, Tra Vinh Province

Removing of D2000 water supply pipeline in Dien Bien Phu Bridge area
This is the first time in Vietnam, Communiactions and Public Works JSC has applied new construction technique to remove part of existing steel pipeline and to connect new D2000 steel pipeline to existing concrete pipeline on both the South and North banks of Dien Bien Phu Bridge without interruption of water supply for Urban environmental sanitation project (Nhieu Loc - Thi Nghe Channel basin)
Other Construction works
Production & Services