Pipe Jacking Technology From Japan

Jacking pile of pipeline crossing Hanoi Highway

Cooperation in pipe jacking technology with Japan
Established in 2010 with its head office at 19 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan Street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Indochina Engineering Corporation (Indochina Engineering) specializes in construction of infrastructure projects, especially projects utilizing pipe jacking technology. Indochina Engineering is currently associated with Communication and Public Works JSC and Japanese partners including CBS Japan, Morioka, Hakkou, Kaiyo, Nichiren as well as leading experts and managers namely Mr. Inoue, Mr. Okamoto, Mr. Kawata, Mr. Ueda, Mr. Suda, Mr. Nakai, Mr. Chinh, Mr. My and Ms. Lan.

The process of pipe jacking
In the agreements with Indochina Engineering, Morioka Japan (a company specializing in using robots for pipe jacking in Japan for more than 50 years) has transferred to Vietnam pipe jacking robots with diameters of d300, d350, d400, d500, d900, d1200 and has prepared to transfer more d1500 robots. With the above number of robots, Indochina Engineering will be one of the few leading construction companies in Vietnam utilizing pipe jacking technology with the greatest number of robots. These robots have the same technology as those used by Japanese companies in the construction of the Metro Line No.1 project and those used in the installation of the sewage system in Ho Chi Minh City by Korean and Thai contractors.

Hydraulic jacks are transferred from Morioka Japan

Indochina Engineering and Morioka Japan have installed the water supply pipeline system of Sawaco crossing large roads with heavy traffic such as Hanoi Highway and National Highway 1A. Sawaco is also one of the leading companies applying the pipe jacking method to a number of projects.
In addition, Indochina Engineering is partnering with Hakkou and Kaiyo companies (that have been operational for over 60 years in Japan) for the construction of seaports, and the dredging of rivers and canals. Hakkou and Kaiyo also transferred to Indochina Engineering a specialized barge for dredging canals and small tributaries in Ho Chi Minh City.


A barge transferred to Vietnam by Hakkou and Kaiyo Company

Moreover, Nichiren Japan, a scaffolding leasing corporation that has been operating for over 50 years in Japan, is partnering with Indochina Engineering and has brought into Vietnam nearly 2,000 tons of scaffoldings from Japan for construction projects of companies such as Coteccon, Viteccon, Unicon, Hoang Lien Son and FDC.
It is expected that Hakkou, Kaiyo and Nichiren will continue to provide Indochina Engineering with more dredging barges and scaffoldings to accommodate the increasing demands of the construction market in Vietnam.
Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city of Vietnam and economic development would be affected if excavation and construction fencing cause traffic congestion. Therefore, investors and project management units are highly recommended to utilize pipe jacking technology in their water supply, drainage, electricity and telecommunication projects in the city center.
(Source: SaigonTimes)
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Pipe jacking is a new technology in Vietnam. Even though its construction cost is higher than the traditional excavation method, this advanced technology offers much higher social efficiency in terms of traffic jam prevention, environmental protection, and absolutely high quality and safety.
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